GENESIS CO2 Laser Cutter Range

We have taken time to ensure our lasers are perfect for our NZ users – they work beautifully, are very easy to use and are super reliable.  In our experience the consumable CO2 glass laser tubes that we use have an average life expectancy of between 18-36months when used as per our recommendations.

CO2 laser cutters are primarily used for processing non-metal materials but can be used to mark anodised aluminium and high grade stainless steel (using additional marking liquids), If you are looking specifically at metal marking, we suggest you look at our range of fibre laser marking machines which are much more useful in processing metals.

The term ‘Glass-tube’ refers to the cost effective CO2 consumable laser source. These machines are often referred to as “Chinese” machines as many are fabricated in China and tend to look the same from the outside or at first glance…… however, all machines are not created equal. We have had some really ‘interesting’ experiences when repairing 3rd party machines from poor constructoin using cheap components to bad electrical installations and dodgy wiring.

Our laser cutters are safe, well made and most importantly are well supported by the Makerspace NZ team here in NZ!

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