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Our commercial grade 1300x1300mm and larger CNC routers feature powerful drive systems, developing much faster speeds than our smaller entry level machines, and quietly. Thanks to the precision helical rack & pinions together with quality stepper/servo drive motors in X-axis and Y-axis and stepper/servo ball-screw type drive for the Z-axis (spindle up/down).

The spindle dust hood/cover is manually removable on single tool machines and pneumatically actuated on ATC machines.

Here’s a link to our Facebook page showing a video of a G2513RATC 4-tool changing Router.

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Our range of CNC routers are the perfect solution for 2D and 3D machining for both entry level and commercial production applications of all shapes & sizes. With standard features like a 300mm Z axis travel (approx. 200mm machinable height) & combination T-slot / vacuum ready bed built around solid box section & cast steel, you're assured of a super productive long term piece of kit!  The list of customisation options is extensive and almost limitless.

We even include a license for Vectric’s super intuitive and easy to learn V-Carve Pro for your job creation/editing and post processing G-code creation (i.e. machining/cut file).

With full size specs in a smaller package the G1313R (1300x1300) offers great performance with a single tool ER20 (1/2″) 2.2kW air-cooled spindle, stepper drives and helical gears. The G1313R CNC machine is a popular option with schools, universities & serious home users given its ability to run on single phase power.

If you want a full sheet (1300x2500) or larger capacity, we offer bed sizes right up to the gigantic 6000mm x 2000mm -plenty of machining space with many upgrade options:

Upgrade options are:

  • Bed size, Z axis height
  • Pneumatic pop-ups
  • Kerosene mist system
  • Auto-oiler
  • Quick tool change option, a single tool machine with push button tool changing.
  • Spindle size/no. of tools - Auto Tool Changing (ATC) and 4 - 9 tool linear/carousel
  • Vacuum pump size and type (if required) - 3kW to 7.5kW
  • Voltage - 3-phase or 1-phase (within limits)
  • Drive types - stepper or full servo
  • 4th/rotary axis - either removable or permanently built in
  • Boring head for flat end work - please ask. Italian, 2 head
  • Aggregate drill / saw heads

Basically, we'll configure the best machine for your needs in the budget available!

Suitable materials:

  • Plywood
  • Hardwoods/softwoods
  • MDF
  • Acrylic/plastics
  • Aluminium, Copper
  • Common signage materials
  • PCB boards

Included in the basic package is:

  • 1 x G1313R CNC router, stepper driven, air (or water) cooled 2.2kW ER20 spindle
  • 1300mm x 1300mm cut area, combination T-slot bed with vacuum (vacuum bed functionality requires an optional vacuum pump)
  • Manual pump type reticulated oil lubrication system - delivers oil to all linear bearings with a simple pump action.
  • Easy to use powerful DSP control system - doesn't require a PC connected to the machine.
  • 1 x Toolkit containing  basic maintenance and servicing tools
  • Collets ER20: 3-4mm, 6-7mm, 8-9mm, 12.7mm
  • Starter kit of cutters and engraving bits
  • Basic 2.2kW dust extractor/collector, 100mm flexible hose & spindle mounted dust hood with brush.

Here's a our Facebook post showing a 1300x3500 machine that we installed with an aggregate drill head for high speed machining of perforated panels - something  a little different!


Additional information

Spindle type

Air cooled 3-phase (via Inverter) 2.2-9kW ER16-ER35.
Chinese HQD (default), Italian spindles available

Bed type

Alloy T-slot bed with machined urethane vacuum bed, multiple zones with facility to run dual vacuum pumps for backup and added performance.
Optional, pop-up stops, rotary axis attachment available

Cutting area

1300mm x 1300mm x 300mm (Z) through to 6000mm x 2000mm x 600mm (Z) …. and everything in between!

Drive type

Helical Rack/pinion drive
Dual stepper/servo on Y-axis, single stepper on X
Max travel speed single tool with stepper: 15000mm/min
Max travel speed with 9kW spindle with 750W servos: 20,000mm/mm
25mm Ball-screw on Z-axis (max travel speed: 5000mm/min).
Chinese Leadshine stepper and servos as default. German & Japanese available on request.

Control System

USB-loaded DSP offline control (no local PC required)
RichAuto B11 (3-axis non ATC)
RichAuto B57 (ATC 3-axis, 4 & 7 tool ATC)
Weihong NK105 G3 (ATC 3-axis 4-9 tool ATC)
Syntec/Seimens 808D (3 axis – 9 tool ATC)

Command code

Standard postprocessor required (G-Code – we have tested these machines with V-Carve pro and Autodesk Inventor HSM/Fusion 360 and they run superbly)

Guide rails

Hi quality Taiwanese square linear guides on each axis.

Input voltage

Single-phase230V 50hz
3-phase 400V 50hz

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