Wiiboox Light280S 8K Resin 3D Printer


Light280S Premium 8K Resin Printer Featuring:

  • Large 220x128x280mm build volume
  • 8K High Resolution with 0.35um spot size & 0.3mm layer resolution
  • Fast print speed of 35mm/hr @ 0.1mm layer resolution
  • Built in enclosure heating with 3 settings 25,30 & 35oC
  • Solid Screen with long life (up to 2500hrs)
  • Quick & easy print platform loading & unloading
  • Built in activated carbon filter
  • INCLUDES Post Curing Unit

The Light 280S is the 3rd generation of the Wiiboox Light280, it boasts an impressive set of features and even includes a post curing unit!

RESOLUTION: 8K solid screen, with a miniscule 30μm spot size and down to 0.03mm layer thickness. Even complex and tiny detail features can be presented accurately, clearly, completely and easily. Providing you with stable production of high-quality, high-precision printing models.

SCREEN: 10.3" Mono Screen, the Light280S uses a monochrome screen with high transmittance. Compared with the normal LCD colour screen with an average working life of approx. 500h, the Mono Screen achieves an average working life of approx. 2500h. Additionally, the single layer exposure time is greatly shortened from 7-9s to 2-3s. Layer speed = Productivity Up!

SELF HEATING: The Light 280S has a built in self heating function. Allowing for the temperature to be set to either 25, 30 or 35℃  avoiding problems such as resin brittleness caused by low temperatures, enhanced print stability and improve printing rate.

UNIFORMITY: Utilising a parallel ultraviolet source, the uniformity the light emission on the Light 280S is possible to be over 85%. THE 69 (405nm UV) LED's  ensure that the light energy in the printing area is uniform, in order to improve the print quality and model forming rate.

PREMUIM LIFTING SYSTEM: The Z-axis lifting system of the Light 280S uses a ball screw and linear guideway. Although the cost of this type of system 5 times higher than alternatives, it's value is realised in the stability and accuracy of the Z-axis lifting.  This effectively eliminates the printing layer lines and makes the model surface smoother, thus reducing post processing work.

CONVENIENCE:  5" HD Capacitive touch screen with intuitive menu structure  |  Easy model processing thanks to the powerful algorithm in the slicing software. Functions include model repair, tunnelling, cutting, size adjustment & automatic support generation  |  Automatic lifting platform levelling (level it once to start and Light 280S will take it from there)  |  The Nano FEP film used on the base of the resin bath has a higher light transmittance and is easier to clean. Additionally it is stronger with higher temp resistance and a longer life!


Product Dimensions W400 x D345 x H480mm
Package Weight ~ 30kg
LCD Module Size 10.3” 8K Mono
Feeding Method Automatic feeding, remaining warning, resin tank detection
Capacity of the Resin Tank 0.6kg
Layer Thickness 0.03, 0.05, 0.1mm
Printing Materials Rigid Resin, ABS Resin, Elastic Resin, High Temp. Resistant Resin, etc.
Exposure Speed 2-3 Second/layer (0.05 mm)
Max. Build Volume 228 x 128 x H280mm
Forming Precision ±0.1mm (L≤100mm) or ±0.1% x L(L>100mm)
Operation Screen 5" HD touch screen
3D Data Format STL
Transmission Method USB
Spot Size 30μm
Power 350W
Resolution 7680*4320 (8K)
Self Heating 3 settings 25/30/35℃
Operation System Linux
Operation Software Windows 7 or up (64 bit)
Voltage 220-240V
Printing Technology LCD
Wavelength 402.5-405nm

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 52 × 47 × 60 cm