CO2 Laser Lens


A replacement focusing lens for our range of laser cutters.


This is a replacement focusing lens for our range of laser cutters in a variety of focal lengths. Please note that if you purchase a lens with a different focal length than your current lens, the focusing fob and auto-focus settings (if your laser is equipped with a mobile Z-axis and auto-focusing capability) will need to be changed.

38.1mm Lens

This lens is ideal for engraving and cutting thin materials of 4mm or less, and is good for laser cutters of power 60 watts or less. A focused beam should have a width of 0.05mm or less.

50.8 & 63.5mm Lens

These lenses are ideal for 60-100 watt laser cutters, and gives a good balance between etching and cutting ability. A focused beam should have a width of between 0.05mm and 0.1mm depending on the alignment and cleanliness of the mirror array, and works well for cutting most materials of 15mm thickness or less.

76.2 & 101.6mm Lens

These lenses are the longest focal length we recommend for 80-watt laser cutters, and is intended for cutting thicker materials, with slightly less etching ability. If you have a fixed-bed machine, please measure the distance between the lens and the laser bed before purchasing one of these lenses, as there may not be sufficient clearance to achieve optimal focal distance without modifying the machine.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 cm