Premium Glass CO2 Laser Tube ***SUPPLY ONLY***

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55/60/80mm Diameter. Various Lengths.


*we don’t recommend rating a laser tube life in hours as it is dependent on the type of use. If used mainly at low power settings i.e. light engraving the tube will last significantly longer than if used continuously at full power. Most of our customers will see a tube life of 2-3 years (with exceptions either side of this).

Life expectancy is reduced significantly by continued cutting and high power settings. Suggested life for budgeting purposes would be 18-36 months with average use – mixed engraving & cutting at less than 80% of the tube’s rated max mA value.

Premium 50-150W Sealed Glass CO2 Laser Tubes.

These are long-life* replacement tube suitable for a wide range of laser cutters. Please check the dimensions of your laser cutter's tube area, and the wattage of your power supply prior to ordering.

Please note this is a supply transaction only and we assume you know how to install these components – phone support required will be invoiced at $2.10 GST per minute.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 1400 × 300 × 300 cm